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When do you send your emails and when is the best time to send an email campaign?

When do you send your emails and when is the best time to send an email campaign?

If you are using email marketing do you have a clear idea of when you send your campaigns and the impact that this potentially has on your performance?  Do you send them in a mad rush because you have a sale on and you have to get it out before the end of the day?  Do you always schedule them in for the same time because that is the time and day you have always sent them?

There is evidence to suggest that the time of day and the day on which you send your email can have a significant impact on the performance of your campaign.

Email marketers have for some time bestowed the virtues of sending a campaign at 2:00pm on a Tuesday.  The logic behind this is that on a Monday morning people (particularly in a business context) have plenty of emails to get through, their inbox is slightly fuller and Mondays are also not (with certain exceptions of course) the best time to catch someone.

Move on to Tuesday; by sending at 2:00pm you miss the morning email clutter and hit their inbox potentially as they return from lunch.  So in this case by thinking about the habits and actions of your email recipients you have maximised your chances of an open and subsequent engagement by considering how and when they receive their emails and what sort of mood they might potentially be in when they receive it.

Research carried out by email marketing giant Mail Chimp supports this theory.  Their research indicates that most emails are opened between 2:00 – 3:00pm with more emails being opened on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Now, there are two ways to look at this:

  1. Tuesday and Thursday are the most successful days for sending an email as on these days more emails are opened.
  2. Tuesday and Thursday are not great days for sending an email as these are the days that everyone else is sending theirs so it is going to be more difficult to stand out in the crowd.

Whether you glass is half empty or half full on this point the thing to bear in mind is that your email should be focusing on content that is tailored to the recipient.  They should want to read and digest your email content because it is interesting and very importantly, it is relevant to them.  If the competition isn’t relevant then they will read yours and not theirs.

The big no, no for sending a campaign remains to be on the weekend and you should definitely avoid sending on a Saturday or a Sunday.

The statistics that you gain from your email marketing should be there to assist you in making informed decisions on how to optimise and improve your performance going forward, whether this be in terms of what subject lines work best, what content is most popular and finally when you need to be sending.

If you have regularity in when you send, try changing your time of day or day you send to see if it has a positive or negative effect on performance.  If it does have an impact don’t just do it for one campaign; it could be an anomaly.  Continue to trial new things and you will be working toward what works for you and your recipients.

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