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Writing for a human and not a search engine. Why the key remains quality not density

Writing for a human and not a search engine. Why the key remains quality not density

One question frequently asked over the years is “I am writing for the web, I need to get all of the right key words in, can you help put them in?”

The traditional figures that tend to get banded around are that 2 – 4% of your content should contain the key words that you are aiming to rank for.

What we tend to say when confronted with this question is to forget completely about the search engine when you are writing an article or content.  The reason is that if you are writing about a topic then the right key words are going to be in there by sheer association.

Using this blog post as an example, we have already used the term ‘key words’ four times.

Another example would be if we were writing this article about how to rank higher in Google.  The likelihood of not including the words ‘ranking higher in Google’ throughout a blog post on that topic would be pretty slim.

The point we are making is that by talking about the topic, the body of your content should be mentioning the information that you are talking about without the need for calculations of key word density.

Always remember that you are writing for a human being.  It is these people that will be buying into your products or services and it is them that should always be at the forefront of your mind.  Stuffing your content with key words will do more harm than good.

So make sure you write the content and the key words will look after themselves.

He said, whilst writing about ‘key words’ and mentioning them just eight times!

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