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A story of creativity – Pay Per Click advertising to find a dream job

A story of creativity – Pay Per Click advertising to find a dream job

I recently read a case study on a guy in America who had won an award for his use of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Now traditionally you are going to expect the use of thousands of different adverts, all highly segmented to a vast number of key phrases based on many factors including geography, perhaps integrated with other activity to drive a mass return on investment.

This award winner was slightly different.

He had, as a creative professional in New York, found himself out of work. Having exhausted the local job boards and recruitment agencies he looked to find another solution to land his dream job.

He worked on the basis that of the top five agencies in New York, the creative directors of each all gained significant press coverage and it would be reasonable for him to expect that they would Google their own names on a frequent basis.

He was right.

He ran an ad campaign that appeared when each was Googling their own name, telling them to click a link and view his C.V.

Five interviews followed.

Three job offers.

One dream job.

One big reminder that creativity and standing out from the crowd can be crucial to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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