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The importance of building momentum in your social media posting

The importance of building momentum in your social media posting

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If you’re a small business owner, we know that social media can sometimes feel like another thing to do at the end of a long day of constant plate spinning and firefighting. 

But what if we told you that less could actually be more? That you could reach further by posting less? Whilst that’s a slight simplification, the key word we wanted to focus on in this post is ‘momentum’. Without it your social media can struggle; with it, you will undoubtedly thrive. 

Let’s explain…..

The quality vs quantity conundrum

Social media should be about quality and not about quantity. 

Whilst you will ideally be posting on a regular basis (3 – 4 posts per week – if you have enough content – is often considered the sweet spot), you should never *ever* be posting merely for the sake of posting. 

If you’ve sat down and felt like you’re putting something out there just because it’s been a while, or you always do on a Sunday, then step away from the keyboard, plug the mouse in to charge for a moment and have a think….about ‘momentum’.

How do you get momentum?

When it comes to social media, ‘momentum’ is the stringing together of several posts that perform well. Sounds easy, right? In fact, many social accounts struggle to achieve it as they don’t actively monitor, understand, or make the most of what works well for them. 

Two factors largely dictate the performance of a post; content and timing. When the timing is right it puts your post immediately in front of your followers. It’s then down to the content; Is it interesting to them? Does it cause them to engage?

Getting the two right gives you a post that works well…. But then what happens?

Do you keep the momentum up or do you squash it?

The timing was right, the content was right…. Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a good post and it’s got a lot of engagement. That right there immediately puts you on the front foot for your next post as people that engaged will see the next post earlier in their feeds.

Get the timing and content right again…. Your momentum continues further.

Get either of those wrong, then it squashes that momentum like a brick wall.

So what do you need to do?

Remember when we said at the start that you could post less and reach more? Here’s how you do it… 

Have a review of your previous content – perhaps your last 50 posts.

Make a list of what has worked well – both in terms of content and when it was posted.

Do the same with what didn’t.

The two will usually give you a correlation – the post content and timing that works well, and those that cause the proverbial tumbleweed to make its way silently across the screen. 

From there you’re going to post more of what has worked and less of what hasn’t. The more effective posts that you string together, the better the results you will gain.

So, there you have it – by dropping those posts that aren’t working but are taking time out of your day, you can actually build better momentum and spend less time.

That sounds pretty good to us….

If that sounds like something you need support with, give us a call on 01566 232323 or email Mark at and we will help build and guide your business through it’s online marketing.

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