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New website launched for Cantellow Tree Surgery in Swansea

New website launched for Cantellow Tree Surgery in Swansea


We know that sometimes it’s best to use an expert, and when it comes to tree surgery, there are few better than Cantellow Tree Surgery in Swansea. Whilst they’re not down on our patch in Devon and Cornwall, they’ve gained umpteen five-star reviews for their service – no matter if they’re felling a tree, clearing a site, or providing advice on how to handle a tree with a preservation order on it, they’re doing their clients proud.

Their reputation means that their work takes them way beyond their base in Swansea, just as ours does from our little office location near the Tamar. That’s actually how they got in touch with us; they were facing some SEO problems and were referred on by another agency who knew that we were the perfect fit for them.

Having solved their SEO issues, we then moved on to building their new site. Taking a relatively primitive original version of just five pages, up to one with more than thirty pages full of tree surgery services and advice, will help them rank for even more key phrases, as well as reach more people in the process.

This one really has been a win, win, win!

You can visit their new website here:

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