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Content marketing – the benefits of adding a range of good quality content to your website

Content marketing – the benefits of adding a range of good quality content to your website

There are many benefits to having great content on your website, from engaging with website visitors to extending your search engine reach.  Here are just a few reasons why you should be devoting just an hour or two a week to get your head down and put together some engaging content:

It can give your brand a voice

A blog on your website can give you a space to express yourself and to show what you are all about.  People are so often the passion behind a company or product so get that passion across and let them know what it is that inspires the products and services they will be signing up to.

If you are working on something new then let them know about it – give photo updates.  Even try a video blog and update them in person.  For businesses that sell a visual product, whether it is items of clothing or kitchens, the more about you and what you are selling the better.

Give your brand a voice – give your brand a blog – give it somewhere to air your voice.

It can increase your search engine reach

By adding content to your website you will be extending your search engine tail.  What do I mean by this?  To all extensive purposes it is the range of key phrases that you rank in Google for.  If you haven’t got the content on the subject you aren’t going to rank.  Take this blog post for example, if someone is searching for ‘the benefits of good quality content on your website’ then we are likely to be in the mix.  If we hadn’t written the post then we wouldn’t have had the content to rank.

So those hours you spend writing are actually likely to increase the reach of your business and put you in touch with potential customers you otherwise would not have been in front of.

Different people will be looking to engage in different ways

When we look at content we don’t always mean the written word.  Sometimes it could be an infographic, other times it could be a video.  Different people will sometimes want to interact with your site differently, so having a variety of different forms of content will give you more opportunities to engage in the way that they want to.

You can show your knowledge and specialism in an area

The more that you write about a subject the more it will display your knowledge of an area.  If you are an accountant and you write a lot of content on VAT issues for holiday home owners, the average holiday home owner is going to be more assured by your knowledge in their area.  Also think of the point above on search engine reach – you’ll also be more likely to rank for areas such as ‘VAT for holiday home owners’.

Keep them coming back for more

How many websites that are not updated regularly do you go back to?  If your site is static and never changes you can’t expect people to be coming back for more.  Providing updates, new work examples and latest news will encourage repeat visitors.

Build dialogue

Your website will be the largest single centralised source of information on your company.  It can often also be monologue rather than dialogue.  Open up your blog to comments and get feedback on your posts.  They can be moderated before publication.

So go on, what are you waiting for?

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