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Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram

Most businesses, and we mean most, won’t have the same advertising budget as Nike but there are a few things that smaller businesses can learn from their activity.

The video on this page featured on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram account.

The two points that we’d like to highlight are:

Great content is great content

Yes they have a huge budget for this sort of thing but they’ve understood who their target market is and appealed to it.  They’ve also kept it light; the use of humour in social media can be a real winner.

Know your network

They are making content specifically for Instagram, with the video clips meeting the time restrictions that come with Instagram.

We are big fans of making content that fits the social network you’re displaying on.  Each social network has a different content need.  Making sure you are sharing the right content on the right social network, rather than scatter gunning your content across all of your networks will help you increase your engagement.

If you needed proof; these video posts generated on average in excess of 400% more comments than his average photo posts; now that’s engagement!

We know this takes time and this then comes down to prioritising which social networks you are gaining most from and focussing your time and attention on those.

Well done to Nike and we hope you enjoy the video clips!

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