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Facebook Facts – The Average User

Facebook Facts – The Average User

We’ve put together a few facts and figures, taken from Facebook themselves to help give you an idea of the sheer scale and size of the social network and who is using it.

Loads of Users

There are 24 million Facebook users in the UK – that’s around 38% of the population.  Take a moment to think about that, one in every three people in this country are on Facebook, a social network that is less than ten years old.

We are big fans in the UK; we have the second highest usage in the world!

They keep coming back

If you are one of those 38% of people in the UK with a Facebook account, how often do you go on, even that quick look on your mobile?

The average user will visit their Facebook account 40 times in any given month.  That equates to nearly 500 times in a year!

Every other person on Facebook will login on a daily basis!

It’s young but ageing

The demographic is still highest between the ages of 18 – 29 but it’s getting older.  It only makes sense that those people that first signed up when they were 21 years old are now around 28 or 29 years of age.

Facebook has also had greater penetration with older demographics in recent years.  A person when asked why he had left Facebook on television quipped that a deciding factor was “when he realized his mum had signed up!”

Getting older

The point we have made is wider than just that one person; the 45- to 54-year-old age bracket has seen 46% growth since year-end 2012.

Gender neutral

There is a slight Facebook skew towards men but it is reasonably gender neutral.

How many friends?

The average person has 130 friends – some have more, some have fewer – don’t panic!

It is a social network!

As a business it is still important to remember that Facebook is a social network!

Quite an obvious point you may think but when compared to a network like Twitter, where there is more of a skew to businesses, Facebook remains for people and their peers.  They essentially need to opt-in to correspondence from your business (aside from advertising) and the success a business is able to derive from Facebook will hang on their ability to connect with their customers on this social level.

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