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Four things your business should be doing online at this time of year

Four things your business should be doing online at this time of year

The summer months create a unique challenge for the majority of businesses online.

The weather is better and the nights are longer.

The majority of people will take holiday and with school also out for summer this is a period during which your customers or clients will be spending more time away from their computers and free from their phones than at any other point of the year.

So what can you do as a business now they’re back?

How do you return to their consciousness?

Social Media – Time to Get Back to Work!

You should be using social media not to endlessly promote yourself but to create contact points with people that may want to use your service or buy your products.

Now, they won’t necessarily have a need to buy at this specific time but they may well do in the future.

What does this mean?

You need a steady flow of contact points between now, when they don’t need you, and then, when they do.

If you can achieve this you’ll be one of a few suppliers in their mind when they come to make their decision to buy what you offer.

So what do you need to do?

Social media rises and falls with the weather.

If it’s sunny people will be out enjoying it.

If it’s raining they’ll be inside tweeting about it.

More and more of your customers are coming back to their Twitter and Facebook accounts after their summer siesta.

Make sure you’re there to greet them, to create contact, to engage and to promote.

If you’ve been neglecting your accounts then now’s the time to get back to your social media best!

PPC Advertising – people are searching and they’re doing it now!

Google searches for the majority of phrases spike in September.

It’s easier for any business to increase market share and enquiries during a period of higher volume than it is during low search; which is exactly what you get during the summer.

If you’re advertising on Google then reducing spend during the summer months can free up budget in September and early October.

Either way you should be looking at the search volume and crunching the numbers to see if the return is there for you and how much more you could potentially gain.

Now is very much the time to reap the rewards of PPC advertising.

Not sure how to do that? We’re here to help.

Starting a web project – Start now: Launch at the best time of the year!

Now is actually a very good time to begin a website project. Not because we build websites and have an incentive here, but because the majority or projects started now will be completed in November and December (if they’re larger sites).

This is a very good time to launch a site, unless you’re trading in online retail, when we suggest that you look at a project in January, so it’s launched before the Easter boom.

Why is December a good time to launch a site?

When you launch a site there is an element of search engine disruption to your current presence.

What do I mean by this?

Put very simply, it take Google a while to understand your new website, and how it corresponds to what used to be there.

December is the lowest traffic volume month for any site that isn’t directly selling products online. It’s therefore sensible to hide these search engine fluctuations within a period that will have the least amount of impact on your online performance.

Want to know more about when you should be timing a website project?

We’re experts in doing that.

Time to rise up the search engines

If you have someone telling you they can get you on Page 1 of Google with immediate effect, we want you to do just a few things.

Take your wallet from your pocket.

Place it safely and securely in the palm of your hand, gripping it as tightly as you can.

Proceed to run for the hills!

SEO takes time, purely because the changes you make do not result in snap ranking decisions by Google.

They don’t see a small change to your site and say that you need to skyrocket for that key phrase. They take a measured stance; they decide over time the impact that that change makes, otherwise we’d have a very erratic ranking system on our hands.

It does take time.

How much time?

For the full force of SEO actions to have come to full impact fruition you’re looking at one to three months.

So lets go back to our summer timing again; three months from now is December.

What follows December?

January – one of the busiest online months across all sectors online.

Time to get going!


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