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Google+ continues trend of integration with other Google products

Google+ continues trend of integration with other Google products

Regular readers of our blog will know that when we write about Google + a big thing we believe will affect its potential success is their ability to integrate it with other Google products.

Google plays such a large part in all of our online lives; the fact that “Google it” is essentially a verb will pay testament to that!

So with that they have the ability to try and make our experience and access of Google + as seamless and easy as possible.

This will be even more so for business and website owners; most websites have Google Analytics and more often than not a Google account to manage this and other Google products such as Google Webmaster Tools.

So we were more than interested to see that if you now visit your Google business page then you’ll see your Google Analytics dashboard nestled there for you to see.

What they are doing is clear and it’s what most of us do with our products – they’re bundling the experience together and essentially cross selling.

We predict that as time goes on Google will continue to use the strength they already have as a search engine to integrate Google + even more.

The upshot; the more they integrate it the harder it will be for you to ignore; or so they hope!

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