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Great Google+ Video and Four Interesting Take Aways

Great Google+ Video and Four Interesting Take Aways

We saw this video shared on Twitter by @SamWardman and we liked it that much we wanted to share it with you on our blog!
We’ve already written plenty on the subject of Google+ and we think the video brings up four very interesting themes:

Where does it fit in?

This is a big problem. Where does it fit in when people are already happy with their Facebook and / or Twitter accounts?
The answer to that question is not clear and that’s formed one of the barriers to its adoption; if you speak to people they don’t see why they need another social network in their lives.
Their needs are already taken care of and it’ll take a lot of effort from Google to shift that perception. That’s not to say they won’t be able to do that, we actually believe they will but that their success won’t be merely predicated on offering something unique or creating their own niche within a heavily dominated and populated marketplace.
We believe their success as a social network will arise from integration and SEO benefits. Those are the two tricks they have up their sleeves that will drive potential adoption and signup.

Is its approach more real-life?

This really is an interesting one. Are circles a more logical way of replicating real life social groups through a social network?
The video will certainly have you believe that it is and there is certainly some logic to back that up. Are your friends on Facebook really ‘friends’? Has your account been infiltrated by work colleagues and your privacy settings taken a battering whilst you battle to make sure the right people see the right content and more importantly the wrong people don’t see the wrong content!

Is integration is the key?

Website owners have Google Analytics.
Most of us have a Gmail account.
All of us use Google regularly as a search engine.
They will integrate their products into Google+ to stimulate uptake. They’re already doing it and it is working.
If it’s easier to have a Google+ account than not are you going to sign up?
Yes, you probably are!

Do Google have the power to force it through?

Is it naive to think that the biggest force on the internet can’t make a social network a success? One thing we can guarantee you is that they’re not going to give up on it.
Many people will say that it’s been a failure; it’s approaching 1 billion accounts.
If that’s failure it’s success will be spectacular to say the least!
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