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Where do you place your contact page on a website?

Where do you place your contact page on a website?

A primary objective of your website should be to make it easy to use and navigate.  Why make it more difficult for your visitor than it needs to be?

One of the simplest and easiest tools in a websites armoury is to have a contact us page.  The vast majority, if not all websites will have this page so where exactly is the best place to put it in order to make it easy to find?

Research has found that the majority of website users automatically look for the ‘Contact’ page in the top right of your main navigation.

What we mean by ‘main navigation’ is the menu that runs across your home page and across all of your website pages.

For the vast majority of websites this menu will run horizontally across the top of the page but for some it will also descend vertically down the left hand side of the page (and very rarely down the right hand side).

Many websites bury the ‘contact us’ page within the middle of these menus, thinking that ordering of pages within that menu is inconsequential. It can actually make a big difference, particularly if your navigation is complicated and contains many pages.

By doing this you’re making it harder for the person to find your contact details; you’re making them think!

Online attention spans are short; remember to make sure everything is as easy as possible!

So place your pages where everybody expects them to find them; so times there are benefits to conformity and this is definitely one of those occasions!

We look forward to visiting your website soon and to finding it easy to find your contact page!

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