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Promoting our clients

Promoting our clients

We believe that business is and should be about adding value.
No matter who you work with the success that you have as a business will be predicated on the value and benefit that you’re able to provide your customers or clients with.
When we build and launch a website for a client we don’t just feel ‘that’s it, job done’.
Far from it – we want your new website to be a success for your business and we give it a little push from the start.
Promoting our clients is second nature to us, which is why when we launch a website we do all of the following:

We tweet… a lot!

We are big fans of Twitter as a tool for reaching and meeting new people.  We tweet about our client’s, we re-tweet their interesting content and we champion their new developments to our near 2,000 followers.

Portfolio and blog

Your new site will rightly take pride of place as the latest addition to our client portfolio.  We’ll also add it on to our blog, which is currently gaining 1,500 visits a month.  This figure is increasing month on month by around 50% so we want to let you use it as a content outlet.
It’s not just restricted to news of your website launch either; if you’ve got a new product or exciting development then we’re happy to tell people about it!


We have a monthly e-newsletter that goes out to just shy of 5,000 businesses and people based in the South West.  Your new website will be sent to all of those and they’re some of the highest clicked on posts that we get!
If you want a web design agency that work for you and with your business then why not give us a no obligation call on 01566 784860 or email

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