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Is using Google+ an inevitability for you?

Is using Google+ an inevitability for you?

Google+ is owned by Google! Surprise, surprise we hear you say!

But what does this mean and what does it mean for the social way you exist on the internet?  Google+ has been missing the secret, or not so secret ingredient to a successful social media network; critical mass.

If your friends aren’t on there then why would you be? To a certain extent it is a self-perpetuating cycle; you will continue not to be on there because your friends aren’t on there.  Your friends won’t be on there because you’re not on there.

So how do they break the cycle?  How do they gain the critical mass they need in order to drive people in their droves to Google+?

The answer perhaps lies in integration.  What everybody does almost every day is Google.  It’s become the central axis on which our internet lives revolve.  For businesses, ranking highly is now paramount, for customers things like Google shopping have even further strengthened the stranglehold that Google possesses.

So if Google can make having a Google+ profile a central element to your online life then can they cause the stampede?  If they can make the integration with the social network and the search engine so seamless it would seem anti-productive to go elsewhere then the tide begins to shift.

All of the actions Google are currently taking with Google+ are seeking to make it a central part of the search engine.  The icon on the top of the page when you are logged in to your Google account, the friendlier url structure and the introduction of the integration of Google+ profiles with Google search are all moving it closer to the search engine.

They want you to see it all as one.  One seamless experience.  And the likelihood is it will happen because when you have the power of the world’s largest search engine behind you, things do tend to happen!

And if all else fails? The impact on search engine result positions (SERPs) remains the ultimate trump card!

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