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What are you talking about on your social networks? Make sure it isn’t all about you!

What are you talking about on your social networks? Make sure it isn’t all about you!

Have you ever been to that party, networking event or any social gathering where you get stuck talking to a person that only wants to talk about what they are doing?  They want to talk about their work, their life, what they are up to at the weekend and where they are going on holiday.

You find yourself searching for any excuse; a quick shuffle toward the food buffet, that imaginary person across the room you just need to catch up with that very second or the emergency lavatory stop.  If there is any way you can get away from the conversation you are finding it.

Take a think about the people that only wants to talk about themselves and translate it into your social media accounts.  What is it you talk about? Is it all about you?  If it is then look back on that social occasion and what you thought about that person.

The point I am making is that social media gives you a great outlet for your content, for what you are doing and the time or what you are working on, but don’t let that be the only thing you are talking about.  People won’t engage with you if all you talk or tweet about is yourself.

If you find someone else’s content and it is interesting then share it, re-tweet it, plus one it or like it.  Comment on other peoples tweets and posts.  If you engage with other people on their own content then they are far more likely to engage with your own.

A general rule of thumb for your content is to have 40% about you, your company and the content you are producing and the other 60% on content topics that are not your own.  This can include interesting information you come across related to your industry or sector.

Don’t let yourself be the person that everyone is shuffling away from at the social media get together.

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