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When is the best time to publish a blog article – is there an optimal content publication time?

When is the best time to publish a blog article – is there an optimal content publication time?

Much thought is often given to when to send an email marketing campaign; rightly so as the time of day and the day on which you send can have significant impact on its success.  What often gets less attention is when you add content and articles to your blog.

The average blog post is often added as soon as you’ve finished, as soon as you have sign off or required approval or simply when you have time.  If you are using a blogging platform like WordPress you may also spread your content across several days or months through scheduling, but do you consciously cross reference with the calendar and what time of day you are eventually publishing?

Research by SearchEngineLand has supported the theory that the time of day and day of publication can also directly affect the readership of your blog and its inherent success (in terms of visits).

They indicate that publishing during daytime hours can generate more visitors and more comments.  The downside to this is that you are publishing in a more competitive environment, particularly if you have RSS feed subscribers to your content; the majority of people are also publishing their content at the same time of day meaning more noise.

If you publish in the evening you are in a less competitive marketplace in terms of noise but you are also speaking to a smaller marketplace that may be offline.

Their results show the majority of people read blogs in the morning.  According to the data a Monday morning at 11am is when the most amount of visitors are frequenting blogs.

Obviously if you are creating more than one blog post per week then you aren’t going to be able to post all of your blog posts at the same optimal time; this certainly isn’t a signal to store up all of your blog content for a Monday morning! It would be a shame if you have written a great piece that nobody read as it was buried beneath another five blog posts before teatime.

The take away from this is to consider when you are publishing.  If you are creating greater volumes of high quality and relevant content for your website visitors then do spread it out and publish during office hours, if possible in the morning.

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