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Business communication facts and figures

Business communication facts and figures


Key Facts and Figures

  • The average time a caller is left on hold is 57 seconds
  • Between June 2014 & June 2015 there was a 41% increase in average data usage on broadband lines
  • VoIP can reduce the cost of local calls by 40% and international calls by 90%
  • It takes a business an average of 44 hours to respond to or call back new enquiries
  • The average conversion rate for sales calls is 30%
  • 13% of SMEs use a mobile phone for business communication
  • 93% of UK adults use a mobile phone to make calls
  • 50% of a voice conversation is silence
  • 96% of customers feel more loyal when a business fixes a problem over the phone
  • 3% of all UK workers are based in call centres

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