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Cornwall Hour and Devon Hour on Twitter – a great networking opportunity

Thursday mornings can often be a long slog for MiHi Digital.  Why we hear you ask? Not because …

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What are you talking about on your social networks? Make sure it isn’t all about you!

Have you ever been to that party, networking event or any social gathering where you get stuck talking …

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The benefits of a hashtag in figures

A hashtag can extend your reach and engagement.  Here are just a few statistics about how they can …

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How do you maximise your time spent on Twitter? Using Twitter lists to filter information

The issue is that with people tweeting so much how do you keep on top of everything without …

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Are Twitter and LinkedIn natural partners?

We recently wrote a blog post about using syndication and scheduling to save the time you need to …

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Is syndication a friend or foe of social media?

Social media is by definition about being social; interacting with other people through the internet whether they be …

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